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Yann Turchi 


Yann is a Paris based hairstylist, borned and raised in a small town from the French country side where he started cutting the hair at 16 years old in his bathroom on his brother. After 2 years as a young self made hairstylist for his friends and brother he decided to study hairstyling properly. 

Graduated from a Hairstyling institute, he started to move to different city for work in big Salon. At 21 one years old he moved to London where he re-discover his passion for hair, all this eccentricity and this freedom helped him a lot in start creating his own aestethic. 

He Started to challenged himself and did different contest, after wining different awards such as Young Talent of the year, Hairdressing Awards and "Victoire de la Coiffure"  he became Men Educator and Art Director for a Salon and he start collaborating with magazine and brands for editorial and collection shooting.

He finally decided to continue his road on his own and became freelance at 25 years old, he moved to Paris for working as a session Stylist.

After a year as a session stylist, he is now represented by B-Agenccy, he work for Magazine such as Numero, Marie Claire, Antidote, Garage Magazine...

He assist industry leader such as James Pecis, Jawara, Tina Outen, Martin Cullen, Teiji Utsumi and he is part of the Eugene Souleiman and Duffy's backstage team for Fashion Week, which he is doing London, Milan and Paris. 

Yann continue to push the boundaries and to create beauty on his own style.